Hey, have you seen our website? It was here yesterday. I didn’t do anything to kill it, really I didn’t.

Ok, maybe I did. Technology ain’t my thing. We’re more into green stuff here at Champion Resort Maintenance. Green grass, green shrubs, Kermit the Frog, palm trees and purty flowers. But not weeds. We don’t like weeds (even though they are green). Weeds, we treat ugly.

We are into pools too, but not green pools. Green is not a good color when your talking pools. We like to keep our pools and hot tubs crystal clear. Kinda blue-looking like the sky.

If you like the aforementioned green things (excepting the weeds) and you have a least a moderate disdain for green swimming pools, but you don’t like yard work, give us a call.

We’ll take care of you.