About Champion Resort Maintenance

Located at Holden Beach, North Carolina, Champion Resort Maintenance (CRM) is a full service landscaping firm, specializing in design, installation and maintenance of beautiful coastal landscapes. We pride ourselves in knowing our native plants and our not so native imports. Knowing what plant will thrive in each environment is critical to the overall satisfaction in your yard.

We begin our design process with a meeting with the owners to determine their needs including the amount of maintenance they desire. We have a vast array of clients and an equally vast array of landscaping solutions. Many of our clients have decided to make Holden Beach their permanent home. Some are looking forward to a little “yard work” in their new lives, while others want their surroundings to be as maintenance free as possible. We can create a design plan, do the installation and keep it in tip-top shape for years to come. Or, perform only quarterly maintenance and leave just enough yard work for you to keep you in tip-top shape.

Some have us take care of the yard overall, but they do the flower beds.
Quite a few of our clients have second homes at the beach, some of them renting the homes out in the summer months to offset the renters. The second-home client needs to know that their landscaping investment can be taken care of while they are away. The client who rents their home out in the summer is usually concerned in keeping curb appeal high to attract quality renters, while keeping an eye on the expenses that go along with rental property.
Beautifying Holden Beach – One Yard at a Time

This has been our motto for many a year, and now we are ready to spread the beauty beyond our little island paradise. We have offered lawn maintenance on the mainland for several years, and are now designing and installing landscape in several mainland communities. Whether working in golf communities, water access communities or any of the new developments popping up all around us, our goal is the same:
We want each of yards we touch to work well with the overall landscape of the community, but also have the special touches that make the homeowner smile when they pull in the driveway.

The Smile Factor
You’ve been there. As you approach your home, a smile comes over your face. It might be a special touch like a water feature, or a special planting that is thriving in its place. Maybe a new palm species that reminds you of a tropical vacation. It might simply be that someone else has taken care of mowing your lawn and giving you a couple of extra hours of weekend freedom. Give us a call. We’ll give you something to smile about.