Landscape and Lawn Maintenance

Nobody likes mowing the yard. Well, almost nobody.

But we all seem to like that beautiful patch of soft green grass between the driveway and the front door. Maybe a few flowering plants, a few well placed trees. In coastal areas it can be hard to know where to start. What will survive the sand and salt, not to mention the deer. What plants and trees will give you the look you want without taking up all your free time with maintenance.


Well, we can help you out with that. Twenty years of planting and nurturing yards at Holden Beach has taught us a few things about what to plant where. Some shrubs will survive fine on second or third row, but can’t survive the salt and sand of oceanfront homes. There are at least a dozen different grasses that are planted in our area, but knowing which is going to give you the right balance of aesthetics and survivability is as much art as science.

Likewise with shrubbery and trees. Oleander, Elaeagnus, Pittosporum are perennial favorites, but which side of the house should each go on. How far apart. How much water will they need. How big are they going to get. Can I work in some of my favorites from back home. Which blooms first Lantana or Verbena and what do I need to plant to have something beautiful all year long.

The questions are many and the answers are available.