Pools & Spas

Pools and spas have appeal across the board. Permanent homes love the pools when family gathers and most find they use the pool nearly daily in season for their own relaxation and fitness.

Pools and spas extend the season and add income for rental homes. Rental agencies tell us that the homes with pools and hot tubs tend to rent more in the “bridge” weeks. They are able to charge more for their homes and owners have the added benefit of enjoying the pool or hot tub when they use the home in the off-season.

A non-heated pool in our area can be maintained at a comfortable swimming temperature for 4-6 months of the year, though our Canadian friends tell us more like 9 months out of the year. There are several options for heating your pool and we will be glad to tell you the pros and cons or each.


At CRM, we can design a pool and hot tub into your overal design, getting all necessary permits and round up all the vendors that will be needed to complete the installation – electrician, deck builder, fencing company.